15 Jan 2018
Welcome to 2018... practice times/fixtures etc.




Looking back @ 2017

As always with any school, one can say that it’s been a “busy” year. But in the case of Redhill, not only has was 2017 a busy year, but also one of many great sporting successes, growth and change. Throughout the year and at our awards ceremony we paid tribute to the excellence of our students who have through perseverance and hard work, attained some excellent results. I would however like to congratulate all our sportsmen and sportswomen for their dedication and commitment to their school and for being fine ambassadors.

I would add further that, sport grew in 2017 and we are delighted that so many students (and parents) are seeing the value of health and wellness. From 2018, Redhill will have a new phase in which the Junior High (grades 7-9) will present us with unique opportunities. The emphasis for the Sports Department will be to continue to encourage participation in sport. To this end we have asked our Junior High sports people to choose one compulsory sport for the year. For students that are not keen on the competitive nature of sport, we are currently looking at a range of possible non-competitive activities that will still teach our students the value of exercise. Once our ‘co-curricular registration sign-up sheets’ are complete, we will have a good idea as to which of these non-competitive activities is most popular.

If you are coming into the Junior High School, and have not yet registered your co-curricular choices for next year, click on this link "My Co-Curricular choices" to complete the form. (if you have been through a registration day already you would have done this… so no need to re-do it).

At this point I would like to pay tribute to two of our staff members who are leaving us and moving on to new schools.

Rodwyn Isaacs is heading to St Stithians Prep school, where he will take up the role of Head of Sport. We would like to thank Rodwyn for the passion and hard work he has put into growing sport at Redhill and for the exemplary manner in which he took time and effort to get to know as many children as possible. We wish him well in his new school.

Teboho Moepye has been at Redhill for some 6 years and had also made a significant impact on the students that he coached throughout both the Prep School and the High School. Teboho will be heading to FourWays High school to head up their Hockey programme. We thank him for his hard work, enthusiasm and wish him well in this next stage of his coaching career.

New staff joining us in 2018 …………………

David Joshua, joins us as the new Head Of Hockey. We wish him well and hope that he is made to feel most welcome in the Redhill family.

Bianca Marcer, who has coached here for a few years will be helping to teach PE to grades 1-3 and will be taking a greater role in Prep School Swimming.

Looking forward to TERM 1, 2018 :

Tour information

The start of the year, sees a number of exciting tours. Greater detail will be provided in the weeks to come. But just to give you a heads up on some of the confirmed tours and dates:

Midmar Swim Tour

February 9th – 11th

High School Girls Hockey Tour to KZN

3rd – 6th April

High School Boys Hockey Tour to KZN

3rd - 6th April

Sun City Tennis

Friday 24th August – Monday 27th August (Juniors)

Monday 27th August – Friday 31st August (Seniors)

Potchefstroom Cricket

Friday 31 August – 2 September

Meetings for parents prior to tours, will be communicated during January. Some tours will include a Trials session to establish who will qualify to make the tour teams. At this point trials for the High School, Boys Hockey Tour, will take place on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th February.

What’s new for 2018

Weekly newsletter

To highlight the efforts of our student’s achievements and to keep you up to date with the “week ahead”, amongst other things, Mr Armstrong will send out a weekly newsletter. Please feel free to submit items about your child’s sporting achievements including sport not played at school. We would love to acknowledge their accolades through this forum.

Assembly Awards

Next year in the High School assemblies we will make some less formal awards that include. “Team of the week”, “Player of the week” and “Most memorable or surprising sporting moment of the week”. The sports staff will have to nominate candidates and “winners” will be included in the weekly newsletter.


The sports department will be migrating to a new online tool, called MISOCS. In brief, this is a system that allows head coaches, to create fixture lists, team lists and keep records of scores. The system will populate a calendar that will integrate with the schools google calendar. Parents and students will be able to access this system at any time to view teamlists, dates and times of matches, maps to away games and more. All of this is ‘mobile phone friendly’. Changes to team lists or venues can be communicated directly to parents and students in real time via email. The main access point for this information will be on the schools website portal. Greater detail will follow. Many other top schools use this system, so we are excited about the potential it has to improve communication. We will keep you posted on the date and time that the system will go LIVE.

Gr7-9 compulsory sport… and the related new awards system

In the Junior High, in line with the emphasis on participation, we are introducing a new awards system that specifically rewards participation. Students will work towards a REDHILLIAN BRONZE, SILVER OR GOLD AWARD. Points are awarded for participation in a compulsory sport, cultural activity, outreach activity, ‘service to school’ activity and Interhouse competitions. Greater detail on the points system will be sent in due course. In a nutshell however, 10 points are awarded to seasonal activities, 5 points to participation in each Interhouse activity. Gr7-9 students will be expected to maintain a portfolio of their scores which they will submit to their teacher mentors each term for sign off.

New Cricket Academy

Black Widow, Renegades Cricket Academy will start offering one-on-one and small group sessions from January 2018.